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About Njus South Africa - We keep you updated

Njus [pronounced as "news" in a Swedish accent] is an app and website for people who wants to be updated both professionally and private. They saves hours each day by not having to go to several newspapers, magazines and industry specific websites. Njus has all the news you need.

What is Njus?

The idea was born in 2015 - then in the form of making an app for freelancer's to publish local news with. The core idea remains and becomes more important every day when traditional news channels are centralized and/or are downsizing.

We soon realized that we made a huge difference for "newsjunkies" that saves hours each day by having all their news collected in one app.

The goal is to deliver news and content that educates and inspires you. As other serious news media, we also follow the pressetic guidelines. We strongly believe in democracy and equal human rights. We try to show different views on events in an effort to create more understanding of difficult matters. For some users this can be provocating even that's not our intention.

About our content

We aggregate news from about 20 countries today. We are linking most of the content to the originator's website, except if the newspaper wants the user to stay on Njus.

We are neutral in terms of party politics. Our reporters can of course have a political opinion but we work to deliver completely unbiased news. However, we do not accept party sympathies for organizations that do not stand for democracy and people's equal value.

How does Njus prevent Filter Bubbles?

Today, we deliver ten percent articles in your flow that you would not otherwise have seen through your settings. The reason is that we do not think it is right that you only see what you want and expect. We believe that you have a better chance of learning something new by seeing news in a broader perspective.

How does Njus make money?

Njus is free for everyone, without any display ads. Companies that wants to collaborate and learn from the news pays a monthly fee and so does brands that publish content to our readers.

Contact us

Send email to support@njus.me for technical issues and general inquires to info@njus.me.

Our offices (does not recieve any mail)

Send snail-mail to: Njus Media AB, c/o Klok Redovisning AB, Universitetsallen 22b, 85234 Sundsvall, Sweden. (not our office)


Our CEO is Rolf Bäck and you can contact him on rolf.back@njus.me.

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