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SANDF Considers Allowing Female Muslim Members To Wear Head Scarfs Under Beret

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The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) is considering relaxing its dress code for female Muslim members to allow them to wear headscarves under their berets.The issue came to light after Major Fatima Isaacs was slapped with disciplinary
'The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) is considering relaxing its dress code for female Muslim members to allow them to wear headscarves under their berets.The issue came to light after Major Fatima Isaacs was slapped with disciplinary action for refusing to remove her hijab.Isaacs, who works as a clinical forensic pathologist at 2 Military Hospital in Wynberg, has been charged with willful defiance and disobeying a lawful command.The defence force and the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) met this week to discuss the matter with the legal representatives of Isaacs.She faces disciplinary steps for not adhering to a command to not wear a headscarf with her military uniform.The SANDF and the MJC have resolved to continue working together to find common ground.Chaplain-General Monwabisi Jamangile said: “The SANDF is committed to ensuring the issue of Muslim women wearing a headscarf and related matters be addressed in terms of their policies.” Talks were amicable and constructive and the SANDF committed to ensuring the issue of Muslim women wearing a headscarf be addressed in its policies.The SANDF said interim relief to allow Muslim women serving in the military will be undertaken. “A determination is under consideration to granting interim relief to women serving the SANDF to wear an under scarf to conformity to the SANDF code,” Jamangile added.It’s however unclear when this process will take place.EWN . The post SANDF Considers Allowing Female Muslim Members To Wear Head Scarfs Under Beret appeared first on iAfrica.com .'

The retail bug bites back; wrong time, wrong place

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Unfortunately for those companies that played the UK retail card, the chickens have come home to roost.
'Money flows to areas of least resistance, or where there’s a future as spelt out in RW Johnson’s book Fighting for the Dream . For some it was literally out of the Zuptoid fryer into the Brexit cauldron, with capital losing loads of value along the way. Johnson was referring to the number of South African companies that went offshore during the Zuma-led years. Unfortunately for those that played the UK retail card, the chickens have come home to roost. Truworths this week , joined the likes of Brait (New Look) and Famous Brands, to name a few, burnt by British High Street woes where the perceived easy road was blocked by the unexpected Black Swan, and the share prices are their witness.'

Kind Capetonian cashier pays for shopper’s groceries

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When local Brandon Britz went shopping for groceries one day he never thought he would witness a true act of kindness and selflessness that would renew his faith in humanity and meet an everyday hero.
'When local Brandon Britz went shopping for groceries one day he never thought he would witness a true act of kindness and selflessness that would renew his faith in humanity and meet an everyday hero.On July 3, Britz when to Food Lovers Market in Somerset West to purchase his monthly groceries, but when he tried to pay for his groceries, which came to a total of R1 300, his card was declined.He tried again and again but the result was the same.Nolitha, the cashier who helped Britz, was patient and understanding throughout the experience, and Britz asked her if she could wait for him to draw the money at the nearest ATM.Britz returned unsuccessful as the ATM also wouldn’t allow him to draw the money he needed.In desperation, Britz attempted to transfer money to a friend and draw it from his card but he kept receiving the same error message and eventually had no choice but to give up.When he returned to let Nolitha know that he would not be taking the groceries, she saw his frustration and decided to help him out of the kindness of her heart.Nolitha offered to pay the full amount for his groceries from her own pocket and simply asked that Britz repay her in the morning.Britz was moved by the offer, overwhelmed by Nolitha’s kindness to him as a stranger. “Then the superhero cashier named Nolitha said she would pay the full amount for us if we could come and pay her in the morning!” said Britz.He thanked her profusely and left her with his contact details before leaving with his groceries.The next day he returned to pay her back but could not help but feel as though he owed her more for her selfless act.Britz immediately contacted Buckabuddy to attempt to pay Nolitha back for her kindness. “This goes to show that there are great people out there and I would like to pay it forward by starting a donation for her!My goal is to get roughly a monthly salary for her which is R6 000 I have donated R1 000 of my money and I’m sure she would appreciate any small donations, she is a true SA Hero and I hope she becomes famous!” said Britz on Nolitha’s Backabuddy page.You can donate to this Capetonian everyday hero here.Pictures: Brandon Britz . The post Kind Capetonian cashier pays for shopper’s groceries appeared first on CapeTown ETC .'

This is why fans are ready to #WalkAwayFromNike

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We have lost track of count on how many times Nike has been boycotted this year alone.
'Fans across the world have been divided on the trending hashtag #WalkAwayFromNike, a call for loyal followers of the brand to boycott a controversial decision it made. As reported by CBS News , the footwear giant abruptly recalled its Betsy Ross shoe, a range that was meant to mark the return of the popular Air Max 1. Why are fans ready to #WalkAwayFromNike? The release of the sneaker was meant to commemorate Independence Day in the United States, which falls on Thursday, 4 July. The sneaker embodied the colours of America, with the old version of the national flag sowed above the heel of the shoe. Nike has decided to halt the release of an America-themed sneakers, which featured a Betsy Ross flag, “based on concerns that it could unintentionally offend” people. #WalkAwayFromNike pic.twitter.com/VjLcoaZp0q — Raven Tribune (@R_Tribune) July 3, 2019 However, it appears that, after some consideration and alleged influence from its ambassador Colin Kaepernick, Nike has had a change of heart about the entire campaign. In a statement, the footwear giant stated that, in retrospect, they had made an error in supporting a flag that was seen by many as a sign of oppression against the country’s minority. “We regularly make business decisions to withdraw initiatives, products and services. NIKE made the decision to halt distribution of the Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July based on concerns that it could unintentionally offend and detract from the nation’s patriotic holiday,” Nike stated. Is the Betsy Ross Air Max 1 available for purchase? The process to return the sneakers to the manufacturer has commenced and it is no longer available for purchase anywhere in the world. How many times have fans boycotted Nike in 2019? This is the second time fans have embarked on a boycott against Nike. In February, the footwear giant teamed up with Kaepernick and other pro-athletes like Serena Williams , for their 30th-anniversary campaign. The brand alignment with the much loved — but equally hated — NFL quarterback drew ire from right-wing activists who, in response, posted images and videos of people burning their Nike products. That was soon forgotten about a few weeks later and we have got a feeling that this too will hold very little steam.'

Soapie teasers: What’s happening in Generations The Legacy in July

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What an entertaining month we have in store.
'Soapie Teasers provided by TVSA. This article was first published by them. Monday 1 July 2019 Mrekza doesn’t feel comfortable about tricking an innocent old lady. Has Mr Watson done a runner with the Diales’ cash? Ayanda’s revelation gives insight into Ezweni Inc’s woes. Tuesday 2 July 2019 The Moroka brothers make a pact. Josias makes an innocent mistake which ends up costing him dearly. Mpho is rushed to the hospital and it doesn’t look good… Wednesday 3 July 2019 Lerato laughs hysterically after receiving bad news. Zondiwe is shocked about Gadaffi’s attitude. Pele makes a startling discovery regarding what happened at S’khaftin. Thursday 4 July 2019 Smanga is furious about what he sees online. Crazy J ropes in a friend to help with his latest project. Cosmo is shocked to hear the cause of the S’khaftin deaths. Friday 5 July 2019 Mazwi tries to put a stop to a heated exchange. The pressure on the Diales is mounting and fast! The lure of being high turns out to be too strong… Monday 8 July 2019 Lerato wakes up to wonderful news. Palesa can’t seem to do anything right in Kabisi’s eyes. Zondiwe picks up on a connection between two people. Tuesday 9 July 2019 Is Smanga about to start a war? Pele decides to use his friendship with Cosmo to get the answers he needs. Mpho is hurt after being rejected. Wednesday 10 July 2019 The Diales get even more bad news. When will it all stop? Good people will resort to bad things when they’re desperate enough… Bulelwa Jafta proves she’s no pushover. Thursday 11 July 2019 Cosmo is shocked when Lucy suggests they kill someone they know. Palesa’s nerves get the better of her when she’s on breakfast duty. Joshua decides it’s time to fight dirty. Friday 12 July 2019 Hearing about an upcoming party gives Gog’Flo an idea. Crazy J doesn’t notice someone stealing his access card… Tau tries to talk some sense into Smanga. Monday 15 July 2019 Pele is willing to break the law to get what he needs. Will a desperate Lerato give in to temptation? The arbitration hearing gets off to a heated start. Tuesday 16 July 2019 Palesa isn’t ready to admit she needs help. Mpho tries to be there for his friend but she’s not making it easy for him. Yster shares startling news with the Diale siblings. Wednesday 17 July 2019 The old ladies unknowingly sabotage their own plan. Cosmo rushes out to warn Lucy but will he make it in time? Smanga decides to tackle the latest news scandal head on. Thursday 18 July 2019 Gog’Flo enjoys putting Zondiwe in her place. Bulelwa has an interesting reaction to Sphe’s revelation. Pele finally gets the warrant he needed, rushes off to do the bust. Friday 19 July 2019 Lerato gets a phone call from the last person she expected to hear from… Mpho picks up something isn’t right but can’t put his finger on exactly what it is. Just when the siblings think their plan has worked disaster strikes! Monday 22 July 2019 Reality is about to hit the Diales in a big way. Smanga is shocked to see what his actions have caused. Is Gadaffi ready to put an end to his suffering? Tuesday 23 July 2019 Pele isn’t sure whether to believe Luke’s story or not. Tau keeps his promise to a desperate young boy. Vengeful Hendrik urges his friend to fight back. Wednesday 24 July 2019 Jack isn’t making things easy for his lover. Mpho reads a forgotten note and breaks down. Lerato finds an ugly surprise waiting for her in the alleyway… Thursday 25 July 2019 Gog’Flo breaks startling news to the Diales. Panicked Zitha knows her secret may soon be out. Mazwi puts his foot down about Sphe supporting a friend. Friday 26 July 2019 Jack is unnerved about what the sangoma reveals. Smanga receives a package and is horrified by what’s inside. Will Zondiwe get through to hardcore Tau? Monday 29 July 2019 The results from the forensics test confirms Cosmo’s suspicions. Mpho is over the moon when he hears why Mrekza came. Gadaffi breaks down after hearing about his one true love. Tuesday 30 July 2019 Sphe has to break some bad news to the Morokas. The captain has a lead about Tshidi. Lucy has to be restrained when she wants to resort to violence. Wednesday 31 July 2019 Smanga instructs Bulelwa to call a meeting. A comment made in passing sets Jack’s mind racing… It’s Crazy J to the rescue when the party arrangements fall apart. Also read: What’s happening in Skeem Saam in June?'

Lego accidentally leaks the new Land Rover Defender

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Danish toy brand, Lego, has a new Defender build kit in waiting. Which should have a striking resemblance to the real thing.
'From an unexpected source, we see what the new Land Rover Defender might look like. Nearly a decade in the making, Land Rover has been undersevere pressure to produce a future Defender which is contemporary but alsoholds true to the vehicle’s classic off-road values and styling. Prototypes have been seen roaming around the globe thisyear, skilfully camouflaged, to hide their exact shape and proportions. The officiallaunch date for Land Rover’s new Defender is September, but the Danish toybrand might have undone the surprise in waiting. Famous Irish toy retailer, Smyths, accidentally listed the new Lego Defender kit on its website. This has since been removed –but the error has given automotive analysts a curious insight into what the new Land Rover Defender will actually look like. The toy cars which resemble real ones Lego does a tidy trade with its miniature car-brick buildkits. The automotive industry has accepted that these toy car kits are aworthwhile brand extension and as such, Lego technicians and designers are shownnew vehicles before anyone else. The issue is that sometimes information leaks and this isexactly what has now happened. How close is this Lego Defender to the full-size versionfrom Land Rover? We’d wager it as being a very strong match: the Lego Defenderrolls a similar wheel design to those camouflaged Land Rover prototypes whichhave been spotted recently in Africa. Styling details which perhaps won’t be seen on the full-sizeDefender, are the Lego version’s power dome bonnet and outrageously larger overfenders. The toy car’s round headlights are also an ode to Defenders of thepast. For the rest, this is as close to a full reveal as LandRover hoped would not happen before its official communication strategy aboutthe new Defender was launched in July. If you are interested in the Land Rover Defender Lego kit, it comprises 2 573 pieces and has a functional steering systems, four-speed transmission and three differentials. Should be available in stores by October.'