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SA road maintenance backlog amounts to millions

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The poor conditions of roads around South Africa have led to a pile-up of maintenance that needs to be done.
'The poor conditions of roads around South Africa have led to a pile-up of maintenance that needs to be done.According to a research paper titled  The Road Maintenance Backlog in South Africa  by Professor Don Ross and Mathew Townshend from the University of Cape Town, 77.5% of all gravel roads in South Africa are defective, and upgrading each and every gravel road to bring them up to usable standards would cost R1.7-trillion.Meanwhile, R115-billion is needed to finish work on pathways.The paper states that there is also a R243.7-billion backlog on roads that are used everyday and a R281.2-billion backlog on mechanics maintenance.The two researchers presented their findings from the paper at the Southern African Transport Conference (SATC), where they revealed these concerning statistics.According to their report there is not a specific time the roadworks can be expected to be completed because of just how huge the maintenance backlog is.Picture: Pexels . The post SA road maintenance backlog amounts to millions appeared first on CapeTown ETC .'

Rising Awareness Regarding Road Safety Bolsters the Road Marking Materials Market Demand

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Global Road Marking Materials Market: Snapshot Road marking materials provide visible signs on streets, motorways, curbs, berms, driveways, parking areas, sidewalks, and airfields. They are typically classified into two types: performance-based and
'Global Road Marking Materials Market: Snapshot Road marking materials provide visible signs on streets, motorways, curbs, berms, driveways, parking areas, sidewalks, and airfields. They are typically classified into two types: performance-based and paint-based markings. Performance-based markings are further divided into the following categories: thermoplastics and cold plastics. Paint-based markings include solvent-based, water-based, epoxy, and polyurethane-based paints. Paint-based markings are estimated to be a key segment of the global road marking materials market during the forecast period. Planning to lay down strategy for the next few years? Our report can help shape your plan better. The growing demand for water-based paints is expected to propel the road marking materials market over the forecast period. Performance-based markings include thermoplastics and cold plastics. Thermoplastics are a major material used in road markings, specifically a powder paint that has to be heated up to 200? C and then sprayed onto road surfaces. Solvent-based paints are majorly produced from acrylic resin dissolved in organic solvents such as esters and ketones. They are inexpensive and exhibit better control of drying and improved adhesion to asphaltic and oily surfaces. Water-based paints are quite similar to solvent-based ones in terms of solvent evaporation causing drying. According to the report, the global road marking materials market was valued at US$3.50 bn in 2015 and is anticipated to reach US$5.66 bn by 2024, expanding at a CAGR of 5.5% between 2016 and 2024. Vast Rise in Infrastructure Development Activities to Drive Demand The report segments the road marking materials market based on application into airport marking, road marking, factory marking, and car park marking. On basis of application type demand for road marking materials was significant in 2016, due to the growing awareness towards road safety and need of high degree of visibility during nighttime travels. Road marking includes double yellow line marking, white line marking, and single line marking, which comprises highways and motorways, private roads, bus and cycle lanes, and pedestrian crossings. The selection of road marking material depends on its durability, price, and method of application in the region. In terms of market share, the road marking application was followed by the factory marking and car park marking segments in 2015. Factory marking includes safety, aisle, and space marking in areas such as forklift working spaces, unsafe zones beside dangerous or heavy machinery, loading bays, safe designated walkways and stairs, workshop demarcations, internal floors in warehouses, distribution and logistics centers, and other factory environments. The development of retail and industrial sectors such as businesses such as supermarkets, city centers, and hotels and the increasing number of automobiles have fueled the demand for car parking. To obtain all-inclusive information on forecast analysis of global market, request a PDF brochure here. Asia Pacific Market to Provide Promising Growth Opportunities In terms of geography, the market in Asia Pacific held the dominant market share in the global road marking materials market, followed by Europe and North America in 2015. Asia Pacific is anticipated to retain its dominance throughout the forecast period. This is due to the growing awareness towards road traffic safety in the region. The vast rise in up and coming road networks and infrastructure development projects in emerging economies such as China, and India in the region are expected to boost the demand for road marking materials during the forecast period. In developed economies across North America and Europe, stringent environmental norms are expected to restrict the demand for paint-based road marking materials in these regions during the forecast period. The market for road marking materials in these regions is expected to witness growth at a low pace owing to stagnancy and legislative norms working against paint-based materials. For more actionable insights into the competitive landscape of global market, get a customized report here. Some of the leading vendors operating in the global road marking materials market are The Sherwin-Williams Company, Geveko Markings, Aximum S.A., Kelly Bros Erinline, Swarco Limburger Lackfabrik GmbH, and Ozark Materials LLC.'

Protests erupt in Soweto and JHB South, major traffic disruptions reported

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Motorists need to be aware of the following road closures.
'Protest action in Soweto and Lenasia, south of Johannesburg,has resulted in major traffic disruptions. Motorists are urged to use alternateroutes. Violent protests erupted in various areas of Johannesburg on Friday morning, leading the Chief of the Metro Police Department (JMPD), David Tembe, to issue a warning to motorists. Tembe confirmed that at least three areas of Johannesburg had been affected by the protests, at least one of which was operating under the ‘Total Shutdown’ banner. Protests in Soweto, Lenasia and Ennerdale I Zakariya Park the Golden Highway is blocked off at Tumeric. Please avoid & use alternative routes. — David Tembe (@AsktheChiefJMPD) July 19, 2019 #LenasiaSouthProtest Lenasia South residents have taken to the streets over land invasions this morning. Protestors have barricaded roads with rocks and burning tyres. pic.twitter.com/m0AUK0psJH — Faizel Patel (@FaizelPatel143) July 19, 2019 In Soweto, protest action , which has marred the area for most of the week, showed no signs of abating on Friday. According to the JMPD, protesters barricaded the Golden Highway near Zakariya Park. The road has since been cordoned off by law enforcement and motorists have been urged to avoid the area. Kliptown residents also took to the streets on Friday morning, barricading roads with burning debris and boulders. The protesters claim to be frustrated with the City of Johannesburg and its eviction programme. According to community leaders, the City of Johannesburg’s Social Housing Company had terminated all services to blocks of flats in Kliptown Square. Protesters are demanding that the supply of electricity and water be reinstated. Traffic disruptions in JHB South There’s a total shutdown in Ennerdale, all exit roads out of that area are closed expect delays & please exercise extreme caution when travelling there. #JHBTraffic @HermanMashaba @MichaelSun168 @CityofJoburgZA @CoJPublicSafety — David Tembe (@AsktheChiefJMPD) July 19, 2019 In Lenasia, south of Johannesburg, community members,infuriated by the City’s inaction against illegal structures, also blockadedroads with burning debris. Tembe confirmed that multiple routes were affectedby the protest action in Lenasia. Motorists were advised to the K43 & R558. Tembe added that a ‘Total Shutdown’ protest was alsounderway in Ennerdale. It’s understood that this protest relates to issues of inadequateservice delivery and, like the Lenasia upheaval, concerns the erection of illegalstructures. Tembe explained that all roads in and out of Ennerdale has beenblocked by angry community members. Motorists have been advised to steer clearof the area.'