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Google Maps expands bike sharing feature to 24 more cities

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'Google is expanding its bike sharing feature on Google Maps beyond New York City to 16 additional countries and 24 cities, the company revealed on Tuesday. “From New Taipei City to Toronto, you can now use Google Maps to locate bikeshare stations and pinpoint how many bikes are available near you,” the company said on its blog . Not only will users be able locate a bike to ride, but they will also be notified of where they can leave them when their ride is complete.The feature is now available for iOS and Android in London, Barcelona, Helsinki, São Paulo and San Francisco, just to name a few.However, there are no cities in Africa listed.It’s not clear if or when the feature will be arriving in South Africa.Feature image: screenshot, Google . The post Google Maps expands bike sharing feature to 24 more cities appeared first on Memeburn .'

Google introduces Shoelace, a social network to rival Facebook

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Google introduced Shoelace after retiring Google+. Will Google's latest attempt at creating a social network platform fare better than Google Buzz, Friend Connect, and Google Plus?
'Google recently retired Google+ social network after several years of operations. However, the search engine giant is not giving up just yet and announced the launch of Google Shoelace. What is Google Shoelace? Shoelace will be Google’s fifth attempt to succeed in social space after their failed attempts with Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect, and Google+; the latter was discontinued in April 2019. Developed by Google’s experimental Area 120 product development workshop, Shoelace is a hyper-local social networking app that aims to connect people in a way that Facebook that can’t. Shoelace plays on the idea of “tying people together”. It’s is based on activities and events happening in around your city, and will “supercharge your social life.” What can you do with Google Shoelace? You will be able to search by interest and Shoelace will off the ability to do things with people in your immediate area who share the same common interests. Events and activities are called Loops, and users are invited to organise and participate in Loops. Think of Loops as the equivalent of Facebook Events. It also gives you the opportunity to explore a new city or meet new people. It takes the concept one step further by encouraging and facilitating real-world connections in our digital age. Shoelace is launching on a smaller scale in order to keep that personal touch. The new network is open on an invite-only basis. In addition, Google and Shoelace partnered with few communities from where you can get codes to sign up to the platform. Also read – Five easy ways to secure your Facebook account Gradual roll-out of Google Shoelace For now, Shoelace will be tested in New York. It will be rolled out to other cities, but Google didn’t confirm when that would happen. You can ‘stay in the loop’ – see what I did there? – by filling in  this form  to get the early access code. In addition, the Shoelace app is available both on the Android and iOS devices. While I am always sceptical of new social media platforms – since the disappointing MeWe, Sociall.io and Vero – I am also done with Facebook and willing to give anything new a try. Gizmodo sums it up succinctly: “As fun as it is poke Google for past failures in the social network space, amid growing concerns that time spent on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is having a negative impact on our lives, it’s kind of refreshing to see a social network whose main purpose is to encourage people to spend less time on said network and more time actually doing things.” Also read – A perfect social media storm: Why WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram go down simultaneously'

Google’s latest social media platform Shoelace ‘ties people together’

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Google last week launched a new social media service called Shoelace on its Area 120 experimental projects platform.
'Google last week launched a new social media service called Shoelace on its Area 120 experimental projects platform.Shoelace aims to keep users “in the loop” and works by matching people based on their shared interests. “Each day, we find the best things happening around you — from pick-up soccer to free comedy shows — so you don’t have to.Feeling inspired?Create your own events and invite anyone to come along,” the company said on the Shoelace website.Essentially, the service helps you find events near you while giving you a chance to make friends in the process. “The whole premise of Shoelace is to tie people together based on their interests — like two laces on a shoe,” Google further explained.Currently, Shoelace is exclusively available in New York City for both Android and iOS, but Google plans to expand the new social network “nationwide”. Feature image: screenshot, Shoelace . The post Google’s latest social media platform Shoelace ‘ties people together’ appeared first on Memeburn .'

Google Translate now supports more than 10 African languages with new update

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'Google Translate is getting an update to its camera translation feature which will add more languages, automatic detection and a new look, Google revealed on Wednesday.The feature, which works by translating foreign text in realtime using the phone’s camera as an eye, now supports 60 additional languages, such as Hindi, Malay and Vietnamese.In total, the app supports 88 languages, with more than 10 languages spoken in Africa also supported. “What’s more exciting is that, previously you could only translate between English and other languages, but now you can translate into any of the 100+ languages supported on Google Translate,” Google said on its blog.Instant camera in Translate is also able to automatically detect the language in text, so that users don’t have to figure out what they are looking at before translating. “You can just select ‘Detect language’ as the source language, and the Translate app will automatically detect the language and translate,” Google explained.The company has added Neural Machine Translation technology to instant camera too, which will help make the tool even more accurate.Instant camera’s look has also been updated so that it is easier to read with less flickering, and now features the ‘instant’, ‘scan’ and ‘import’ functions at the bottom of the app.The new updates have already launched and are available on the Google Translate app.Feature image: Google . The post Google Translate now supports more than 10 African languages with new update appeared first on Memeburn .'