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State crapture: Gupta brothers fined for “defecating in the open”

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Drum roll (or should that be 'toilet' roll?) please for the strangest story of the year: It turns out the Gupta brothers left their wedding venue a dump..
'Well. Of all the things Monday morning can throw at us, this was the last thing we were expecting to see. A report from The Economic Times in India has confirmed that the Joshimath Municipality have fined both Atul and Ajay Gupta for making a huge mess during their recent wedding celebrations. Gupta brothers kick up a stink The respective sons of the controversial businessmen were tying the knot with their partners during a week-long celebration in June . However, their choice of venue was another bone of contention. The exclusive ski resort of Auli – high-up in the Himalayas – is an extremely sensitive ecological zone. Uttarakhand: Work underway by Municipal Corporation to clean up the garbage and waste left behind in Auli after the marriage of members of the Gupta family of South Africa, at the hill station held between 18 to 22 June. pic.twitter.com/lsIEnaOLqY — ANI (@ANI) June 23, 2019 Auli: How much have the Guptas been fined? Indeed, the local authorities have not taken kindly those who decided to “fertilise” the ground themselves. They have been told to pay R50 000 for the clean-up operation after their guests left litter strewn all over the resort and decided to “defecate in the open”. The publication reports that 32 tons of garbage was left at the site. The wedding featured over 200 invited personnel, from connected political figures to Bollywood stars . They all had to be ferried to the location via helicopter, given its remoteness. But the lack of respect shown to the site has been telling. Money down the toilet The fine will be a mere drop in the ocean for the state capture architects , who won’t mind throwing another R50 000 down the toilet after the entire event cost about R427 million to stage. The nuptials caused a huge media frenzy in India, and also attracted onlookers from South Africa. The Guptas shot to infamy over the past few years, as their sophisticated bribery and looting operation was unravelled in 2017. The shockwaves have been seismic since then, with the state capture inquiry entering its 11th month by preparing to grill former President Jacob Zuma on what he knows about the corrupt family. Well, there’s one thing we all know now – whether it’s India or South Africa, these guys will “do their business” anywhere.'

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If there’s one thing the Gupta family loves even more than siphoning money out of South Africa, it’s throwing very expensive weddings. In June 2019, there are two lavish Gupta nuptials on the family calendar. These are, by our count, the fourth and
'If there’s one thing the Gupta family loves even more than siphoning money out of South Africa, it’s throwing very expensive weddings. In June 2019, there are two lavish Gupta nuptials on the family calendar. These are, by our count, the fourth and fifth of such ceremonies since the Guptas’ extravagant wedding tastes first caught our national eye at Sun City in 2013.'

Protein shakes: Myth or magic for losing weight

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Are protein shakes helping you lose weight? Many people believe that protein powder is a necessary supplement. Is it really that important?
'Ask anyone who is remotely serious about their exercise and training about the post-workout protein shake and I am sure you will hear a long tirade about how important it is to help them reach their goals and lose weight. Is that post-workout protein shake really helping you “make your gains” or lose weight?  Do you really risk losing your hard-earned muscle by not consuming it straight after your session? Are you jeopardising your recovery time, thus being unable to hit it hard in the gym the next day? Does extra protein help you lose the extra weight?  Whey protein?  Why all the fuss surrounding this particular macronutrient? Why not an intense focus on post-workout carbohydrates or fat?  Protein is often referred to as the “building blocks of life .” It is made up of two types of amino acids; essential amino acids and non-essential. Essential amino acids cannot be made by our body so we must eat them. Non-essential amino acids can be made by the body.  We use the protein to replace worn out cells, transports various substances throughout the body, and aid growth and repair. Why protein immediately after training When we exercise, particularly during heavy resistance training, we break down our muscles.  If our general protein consumption isn’t adequate we may fall into a catabolic state. This means that the rate we are breaking down muscles exceeds the rate we are building. Enough protein can counteract this.  The theory is that, After exercise, especially within the first 30-45 minutes or so, our bodies are greedy for nutrients Precision Nutrition So chugging that slightly congealed, room temperature protein shake as soon as you have finished your last set may be unnecessary. You could drive home, shower and eat a full meal instead. Protein also helps maintain muscle mass when eating a low-calorie diet in order to lose weight. Its benefits extend to the benefits of increased protein intake in general, such as augmenting muscle gain in conjunction with resistance training, limiting muscle loss during low-calorie diets, and modestly limiting fat gain during periods of excessive calorie intake. These effects aren’t exclusive to whey protein but it will likely be more effective than most other protein sources per gram. www.examine.com How much protein do I need?  This depends on a few things but one of the main factors is your activity level.  According to www.examine.com if you’re of a healthy weight and sedentary you should aim for 1.2–1.8 g/kg. If you’re of healthy weight, active, and wish to keep your weight, aim for 1.4–2.2 g/kg. Try for the higher end of this range, as tolerated, especially if you’re an athlete. Protein powder is a supplement. For the majority of regular gym goers, they should be consuming enough protein from whole food sources to make the need for protein powder obsolete. You can get your protein from lean meats, chicken, fish, and vegetarian sources.  Here is an example of an 80kg active man using 1.7g of protein per body weight in kg. He would need to eat 136g of protein throughout the day.  One palm-size serving of chicken breast is approximately 30g of protein. One egg has about seven grams of protein and a 250g steak about 60g. Other food sources also may contribute to protein intake such as oats, rice, milk etc. So you see it can be pretty easy to reach your minimum protein requirement without that protein shake.  Hierarchy of importance Before thinking about nutrient timing and adding supplements to your diet, you should get the basics right.  No Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate protein shake is going to help you reach your goals if your daily diet reads like a McDonald’s menu.   If daily protein targets are achieved through dietary protein alone, supplementation is unnecessary. www.examine.com You should be eating a balanced diet that contains a variety of unprocessed foods and doing this consistently no matter what your goals are. The hierarchy of nutritional importance: How much are you eating (calorie intake) What are you eating (a variety of whole unprocessed meat and vegetables) When are you eating  Supplements  What protein to use Whey protein is a well-researched supplement that can be beneficial to athletes and those who are unable to reach their daily protein intake.  Protein powder is also very convenient to carry around as opposed to a chicken breast and can be added to a smoothie for a quick meal replacement.   If you are vegetarian or vegan, there are many different options you can use. Protein powder can be derived from: Rice Egg Milk Pea Hemp Soy Cranberry Artichoke If you do choose to supplement with protein powder, consider the digestibility of the powder. You will need to experiment with this and find one that suits you.  Look into the processing methods, as cheaper protein powders may come with more fillers, as well as higher lactose and fat content. Choose a whey protein concentrate over a whey protein isolate. A concentrate is minimally processed so retains the health-promoting nutrients found naturally in whey.  The bottom line is that for the majority of us, protein powder is an unnecessary cost especially at around R500 – R700 a tub. As supplements are largely unregulated it may also contain hidden (and in some cases) dangerous and illegal contaminants.  So if you are looking to lose weight, build muscle or maintain your weight then ensure you are eating enough good quality protein.'

11 Things nobody tells you about losing weight

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There are many things that may happen to your body when you lose weight. Here are some of the less talked about weight loss secrets.
'You are on a weight loss mission. You pack your gym bag every night so it is ready for you in the morning. You have mastered the art of food preparation and your Tupperware collection is on point. You rack up your gym points and collect your smoothies weekly. You are the reigning 10 000 daily step champion at work. The weight is dropping, you’ve dropped a pants size. That’s all there is to it right? Not really, you may think that the number on the scale and a smaller pants size are the only changes that you will experience. In fact, there are actually a few other weird and wonderful things your mind and body will go through Here are eleven things you can expect when losing weight. You may need new shoes Yup, you carry fat on your feet so depending on how much weight you have to lose or have lost, your feet may get smaller. You may also notice that those calf-high boots aren’t so snug around your calves either. The same principle applies to your hands and weight loss may make your fingers smaller and your rings in danger of falling off. The good news is that your feet are having a better time bearing your lighter body weight. So are your joints. You may lose your boobs or your bum Your boobs may disappear when all you want are your thighs or arm wings to go. Your butt may disappear no matter how many squats you do. Your abs may not be beach ready regardless of how many sit-ups you do. Photo: Envato Elements Unfortunately “spot reduction” is a myth and your body will lose weight from wherever it chooses based on things like hormones and genetic profile. Jeans may be difficult to find Building on the problem above, usually when we lose weight and thus centimetres off our waist we may run into the problem of finding jeans that fit both our smaller waists but kick ass quads and bum. If you are developing that epic hourglass shape, you may need to convert over to leggings or jeggings. Not so fashion forward but a good problem to have to deal with. Sex is better According to a report by Duke University where a sample of people of varying weights were surveyed, the obese men and women report a less satisfying sex life than the leaner participants. Satisfying sex is a great outcome considering that you may also become a lot hornier when trimming down as testosterone levels have been shown to rise with weight loss. Weight loss also usually leads to improved body image thus making you more confident in bed. You may be colder Regardless of great sex, getting naked may now become an issue. You may feel that you rather bundle up to help stop you feeling cold. Why do you get colder? The extra layer of cushioning you may have been carrying around was providing your body with insulation, so you will now be more sensitive to drops in temperature. You’ll sleep better Regular exercise helps you sleep better and feel more alert during the day. According to research, all you need is about 150 minutes a week. Sleep apnea which causes breathing to repeatedly stop during sleep is highly linked to obesity so by losing weight and reducing the risk of sleep apnea you will have a better night’s rest. You may not be happier Not because you are now constantly cold. Often we think that being the ideal weight will make us happier but losing weight doesn’t negate anything else that might be happening in our lives. Often times weight loss highlights other issues we may have to sort through. People assume you are depressed or ill “Are you ok? You have lost so much weight.” Usually, it is our moms. As one of our previous points highlighted you still may be a bit unhappy but not to the point where it is causing weight loss as most people automatically assume. It is ironic that ill health is the first assumption considering losing weight is often times a healthy undertaking. You are happier You feel great, you look great, sex is great – what’s not to celebrate? You are also sleeping better and you are in a much better mood. Research has shown that these benefits are long-lasting and effects could last up to two years after initial weight loss. Your wrinkles become more prominent As your face leans out, the fat stores that soften the lines and wrinkles will be gone. The once hidden fine lines will become more visible. In a study that analysed facial rejuvenation in the patients who had lost a large amount of weight, it was suggested that in order to get better cosmetic outcome surgeons should replace the fat in their patients’ faces. You don’t actually lose weight So many factors can influence the weight on the scale these include the exercise you may have done the day before, the food you ate, the amount of water your drank or hormones. Often the number of the scale doesn’t budge but our clothes and the mirror can tell us otherwise. Losing weight and maintaining weight is hard work but definitely worth it. The pros outweigh any of the cons (getting new shoes can’t be considered a con). And while the aesthetic aspect of losing weight is most often thought of as the main benefit there are many health benefits to consider and perhaps focus on as well.'

Middendorp urges ‘real’ Kaizer Chiefs fans to unite behind the team

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Kaizer Chiefs coach Ernst Middendorp has called for supporters to throw their weight behind the club on Saturday.
'Kaizer Chiefs coach Ernst Middendorp could be close to falling out of favour with the Khosi faithful, but has a chance at redemption with a big cup final taking place in a few days. The Soweto giants take to Durban on Saturday, where they face first-division outfit TS Galaxy at Moses Mabhida Stadium in the Nedbank Cup final. Victory will sweeten what’s been an overall horrid season, as the country’s most successful club managed their worst league finish in the PSL era by collecting the lowest points tally to place ninth at the end of the campaign. With their first piece of silverware in four years now within touching distance, the German mentor has called on fans to get behind the club as they seek to turn around their fortunes ahead of the upcoming season. “If somebody is a real Kaizer Chiefs supporter right now … we need all of you. “It has to be a united force, supporting the team every minute to disperse the cloud hanging over Naturena for not winning anything in the past four years.” Ernst Middendorp Middendorp arrived for his second stint at the club in December, when he was called upon to replace Italian tactician Giovanni Solinas, who’s short spell in charge had seen them crash out of two cup semifinals, while languishing in seventh place in the PSL log. Despite a decent cup run under the German, Amakhosi continued to struggle in the league, recording just five wins in 16 matches – finishing the campaign with a seven-game winless streak. The Nedbank Cup final kicks off at 19:00 (SAST).'