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Lindiwe Sisulu Wants 7-Day Work Weeks To ‘Clean Up’ Water Department

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Water and Sanitation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu is ringing the changes in the troubled department and wants officials to be hands-on seven days a week.Sisulu has tabled her department’s R16 billion budget vote on Tuesday where she promised to clean up
'Water and Sanitation Minister Lindiwe Sisulu is ringing the changes in the troubled department and wants officials to be hands-on seven days a week.Sisulu has tabled her department’s R16 billion budget vote on Tuesday where she promised to clean up the department which had run out of money last year.Last year, Parliament also called for a full inquiry into the department, formerly led by Nomvula Mokonyane.Sisulu said that access to water, like many sectors in SA, needed to be transformed.She said that under her leadership, the focus would be on stabilising the troubled department and she’s called on officials to be prepared to work the entire week. “Much still needs to be done.We’ll be focusing on operating on a seven-day shift for the foreseeable five months to stabilise this ship.” Sisulu promised that she would delve into every problem plaguing the department and set herself an ambitious target to solve issues within a year. “This is just a tip of the iceberg; we’ll drill into every problem that we come across and as we’ve done now, we’ll do all that. “But next time we come here, 90% of all the problems that we’ve would have been solved.” EWN . The post Lindiwe Sisulu Wants 7-Day Work Weeks To ‘Clean Up’ Water Department appeared first on iAfrica.com .'

World Snake Day: What to do if you find a snake in your home

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As the temperature gets warmer the closer we get to summer, the chances of seeing a snake in your garden or home will increase.
'World Snake Day is celebrated around the globe on 16 July and, to commemorate this, we spoke to the African Snakebite Institute to find out what to do if a snake has made its way on to your property. Snakes can be pretty intimidating . Ophiophobia is what they call an abnormal fear of snakes, but it seems pretty normal to me. The scary factor of snakes is a big deal, though, because it means many people’s first reaction to having a snake in their home is to think about how to kill it. Finding a snake at home While snakes in the home are not as likely at this time of year because they are less active when it is cold, the coming summer will see a sharp increase in snake sightings as they seek out food and a mate. “The warmer temperatures will encourage snakes to start feeding more regularly and many species will start looking for mates,” the African Snakebite Institute said. “The first rains of the season will bring the frogs out and many snakes will start moving around looking for an easy meal. Inevitably, snakes will end up in houses and gardens and most people are uncomfortable with snakes around the house.” Snakes are attracted to dark, enclosed spaces and like to feed on lizards, rodents, and frogs, so if your garden boasts any of these attributes then beware. “Snakes will be encouraged to take refuge beneath sheets of corrugated iron, building rubble, firewood, grass heaps, rock piles and rubbish tips. Fowl runs, birdcages and rabbit pens also attract snakes. Dripping taps and fish ponds will attract frogs, which in turn may attract snakes.” The best way to avoid snakes on your property is to reduce the number of places for them to hide, so keep your gardens neat and tidy! You can also add mosquito nets on doors and windows to prevent them from coming inside the house. What to do If you do find a snake on your property, do not kill it! Undoubtedly, its presence will make most people feel uncomfortable, but remain calm and call a professional. “If you do happen to see a snake in your garden or home and you are uncomfortable with it, get someone to watch it from a safe distance of five meters or more, and contact a competent snake remover. Keep children and pets well out of the way,” the institute added. “If the snake is in the house and you are comfortable with the idea, you can throw a towel or bucket over the snake and await the arrival of a snake remover – the snake normally stays curled up under the towel until uncovered.” App for all your World Snake Day needs The African Snakebite Institute has recently released a free app for android and Apple smartphones called ASI Snakes. This app has several useful features such as snake profiles, posters, articles, a list of hospitals listing those that are closest to you, and first aid for snakebites. Most importantly, there is a list of over 450 snake removers from around the country, so getting hold of a professional for help will be very easy. It even reads GPS coordinates, so if your phone has that feature activated, the app will be able to give you exact details of how far away the nearest professional to you is. To download the app, click here .'

Tour de France 2019: Lance Armstrong’s theory why Alaphillipe fetched his own water

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Lance Armstrong has got plenty of opinions on the 2019 Tour de France, including why some riders would fetch their own water.
'The 2019 Tour de France is turning out to be fascinating. Before it all started, it was touted as being one of the most open races in years. And that’s turning out to be true. It’s been tough to predict and there have been some incredible strategies by the riders. On Stage 8 , one of those moments unfolded. Julian Alaphillpe wrestled back the yellow jersey pretty much on his own. At one point, the Frenchmanalso went to go fetch his own water bottles. That’s not really something prominentriders do. One very prominent ex-pro has a theory why it happened. Whatever your view of LanceArmstrong, he does know a thing or two about professional cycling and thedynamics. For the last few years, he’s been hosting a daily podcast during theTour de France, sharing insights you’re unlikely to get on the official feed. Also read: Why Mark Cavendish won’t be riding the 2019 Tour de France Yellow Jersey centenary – a unique jersey for every stage Tour de France 2019: Latest classification standings Rider bunny hops to avoid crash The 2019 riders ranked from youngest to oldest On the episode reviewing Stage8, he threw a theory into the ether about why Alaphilippe went through themission of fetching is own water bottles. “I’m going to speculate on something. I didn’t see him take a sip of the bottle, but it is commonly known that the use of ketone esters is prevalent in the peloton. Totally legal, I’m not trying to expose anyone,” he said on The Move . “It’s very beneficial and if you need it for the last 30 to 45 minutes of the stage, you will go get it. I’m not trying to incriminate anybody or cross the line. But it’s there,” Armstrong added. Ketones are approved by theWorld Anti-Doping Agency (Wada), but it has been raising eyebrows in endurance sportcircles for a while. The American said that itcould also be that the race leader could also have been “extremely thirsty” andout of water. He was at pains to stress that he had not seen Alaphillipe take asip of the water and that ketones are perfectly legal. But the discussion wascertainly interesting. His co-hosts revealed that they’ve heard around 70 to 80percent of teams use these ketones. It’s totally legal and in a sport whereverevery single thing matters, it’s an interesting talking point. What’s the deal with ketones atthe Tour de France? If you’re familiar with the banting diet , you’re probably familiar with ketones. They are essentially the body’s third source of fuel after carbohydrates and fat. Considering how much a racelike the Tour de France takes out of riders, anything legal that can push them thatbit further is going to be lapped up. Armstrong explained that ittakes a long time to perfect the drinkable version of the ketone ester. It tasteshorrible, sometimes described as “drinking nail polish” and it can be quiteexpensive. However, it has now gotten to a level where it’s more accessible withcompanies like HVMN selling it straight to the consumer market. Ketones at the Tour de Francearen’t new HVMN’s product was part of the tour in 2018, according to reports.  Last year, the Telegraph reported that studies suggest athletes cycled about 400 metres further in a 30-minute time trial when using ketones. Others believe the jury is still out . Studies can’t replicate HVMN’s impressive results yet, perhaps because they don’t have access to the same molecules. Wherever you stand, it’scertainly an interesting point to ponder.'

Garden Route Careers Expo Planned In Honour Of Madiba

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An informative careers exhibition is set to take place on 22 July 2019 at the Port of Mossel Bay, among other activities planned by Transnet National Port Authority in July to commemorate Nelson Mandela Month.
'An informative careers exhibition is set to take place on 22 July 2019 at the Port of Mossel Bay, among other activities planned by Transnet National Port Authority in July to commemorate Nelson Mandela Month.The free event, called the Garden Route Careers Exhibition, will include over 30 exhibitors comprising education institutes, government departments/agencies and corporates.They will showcase information and opportunities related to careers, bursaries, employment, mentorship, graduate recruitment, internships, training and skills development for more than 1000 grade 9 to 12 learners from the Garden Route, who are expected to attend.The exhibition is also open to the unemployed and general public.The exhibition will be preceded by the Launch of a Literacy Centre on 18 July 2019 at Isalathiso Primary, one of TNPA’s adopted primary schools, which was made possible through a collaboration between TNPA and Heart- to- Heart Care Centre.To promote literacy, Transnet National Ports Authority employees will volunteer to teach children how to read, and the Port of Mossel Bay will be donating much needed stationery for the new centre.Nelson Mandela month commemorative activities will conclude on 30 July 2019, when the Port of Mossel Bay hands over two Smart Boards to Great Brak Primary School along with sanitary pads collected at the recent Port of Mossel Bay Charity Fishing competition which raised R7000 and 200 packs of pads.Port Manager, Shadrack Tshikalange, said all port activities were geared toward benefitting local youth.  “TNPA’s corporate social investment (CSI) focus on education is a driving force behind our commitment to meet the needs of our community and empower the youth.Giving back to the communities in which we operate is ingrained in TNPA’s culture and we feel honoured that we are in a position to follow Madiba’s lead and shape the lives of our future leaders,” he said. “We also appreciate the collaborative approach and partnership the Port has received from Nestlé and the Mossel Bay Municipality to make this annual event a success.The youth of our community require not only government support, but also for business to intentionally join hands with government to tackle unemployment, poverty and skills development,” he added.Other local education initiatives include TNPA’s two adopted high schools – Indwe High School and Hillcrest High School – where it intends to fund programmes that aim to improve performance in Mathematics and Science, which are needed for a number of mission critical careers in the ports and other industries.The port also adopted three primary schools – Isalathiso, Imekhaya and Garden Route Primary schools – where it conducts ongoing outreach programmes aimed at enhancing early childhood development through open days, campaigns and initiatives that expose young learners to marine related careers and awareness campaigns that teach them how to protect and conserve the environment.For its Mandela Day programme TNPA is once again encouraging employees who volunteer for causes in their personal time, to nominate organisations they wish to support through the company’s Mandela Day activities.Charitable causes set to benefit will range from youth centres, schools, children’s and old age homes, to palliative care organisations, informal settlements and more.  . The post Garden Route Careers Expo Planned In Honour Of Madiba appeared first on iAfrica.com .'